Montenegro continues to be the fastest growing travel and tourism economy in the world. Leading this growth is Montenegro’s elite tourism strategy, which provides yacht friendly legislation and some of the most favourable tax benefits in Europe – a powerful financial case for basing a yacht here all year round.

• 9% company and capital gains tax (one of the lowest rates in Europe)
• Only 7% VAT on marine-related services
• 0% VAT on charters
• Tax and duty-free fuel (45% cheaper than retail price)
• Outside EU tax and import regulations
• Tax-free wine and spirits supply
• No restriction to pick-up and drop-off
• Make multiple changes to guest and crew manifests
• Ability for foreign yachts to remain in Montenegrin waters with no restriction on time

Served by three international airports – the nearest, just 7 kilometres from Porto Montenegro – Montenegro is also within an easy three hour flight of most European capitals and has direct flights from London, Nice, Moscow, Paris, Barcelona and Madrid, among others.